How to know when your ready to elevate to a higher consciousness: Do you enjoy the feeling of clarity, knowing exactly what you are doing? Knowing that your reality is the platform to the conscious awareness that the vibrational alignment is there. Do you notice that in your relationships with people your finding yourself embracing contrast with unconditional love by finding a way to feel good about what you are flowing to the.? What If you’re deliberately bringing the people and situations toyou, so you can learn and grow and find the meaning of unconditional love through experiences of what you don’t want? When you transform your thoughts you change your attitude and emotional changes help you uncover and discover and discard. Sharing this vibration is where you find a new point of attraction, therefore putting yourself into direct alignment to what you want. When you have God in your heart you become the richest Man or Woman. Give God the grief and He will give you a song of praise. This comes in stages, not all at once as our carnal mind would like it to. We must give up the resistance of the NOW! as that allows God to accept us back into the synchronistic flow of energy that is coming at all times when you are all lit up with the magnificent source of power which I call “Intuition of the heart”. You can do all things through the power of the spoken Word. Your Word is your wand and I have found personally that there is great power in knowing the Word. We were created by and through the Word of God. In the Holy Bible book of John Chapter 1 verse 1 “”In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God and the Word was God. If you believe we were created by God were are Adams descendants, or the descendants of atoms which ever way you choose to see the glass. It has been proven through scientific facts that we are energy , and that only till now have we correlated that we were produced from sound “the spoken word”. Our old left brain interpretation of our make up was that we are made of matter and that we are never satisfied always needing more material relative to our make up. Now during this dimensional awaking we resonate with the notion that everything we need is already out there ready for us to come into to alignment with it. Everything we desire is with us. This basic knowlage puts us in a much different frequency and in correlation with the new paradigm. You must chose new ways to open new doors by which to access this higher no mind reality, by choosing thoughts that send out a higher vibration so you only attract what you want to this life experience. You must come to the understanding in the present moment that that you are the creative force behind your manifested reality. That comes with a huge responsibility to the collective oneness, because in choosing our thoughts we are then choosing our thoughts as it apply to the planet as a whole. So if you want to change the world come at feeling with the polar opposite feeling and transmute the perceived negativity. I guarantee that if you change do the inside work that is required the outer self will shine bright. The new mantra: Shine bright we reflect what we expect! Nameste Love and light xoxo peace Brooke Axley

As I go forward embrace the moment and accept where I am now remember that, before birth I carefully considered the opportunities offered by this lifetime I chose to take this body and this experience to reconnect to my purpose by learning new skills and working past obstacles. when in doubt, or fear, look for my underlying opinions and assumptions about everything. Keep my focus on that which gives me energy and allows me to move with trust in that direction to give up the need for certainty. Strengthen my faith in the truth that I was born with an inherent purpose, and that purpose must be and will be revealed to me through my own intentions, intuition , synchronistic meanings and uncommon wisdom of my spiritual guidance

The sum total of experience is equal to truth divided by change, is greater than lifes purpose for you. If you’re searching for the ending to the beginning or the beginning of the end, these realities are interchangeably meaningless under the sun. Life is here and now… so when you read this, this is your NOW! So in the moment of clarity when you recognize how the veil has always been torn, you just stepped into the light of grace. The new religion, NO religion is emerging, and is a collective conscience experience is taking us from 4 dimensional living, to a 5D developed super-conscience humanity. There are many layers of our consciousness. This is much of what interests me lately. More and more syncronistic vibrations have come my way to support this heart knowledge. Today my Mother in Law, the Queen of all Queens (in my eyes) gave me the most wonderful compliment. “You’re a strong woman and you make my son want to be a better person.” If that’s not conformation from the source, I don’t know what is! Love and Light

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